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Consultancy position with HTI Labs

We've been retained by HTI Labs to provide ongoing technical consultancy, mentoring, and assistance for their consultants.

Part time contract with Credit Suisse First Boston

Len is working with CSFB's HYDRA team to design and develop a trade events server for them in C++ on Windows.

The whole development is being developed in a Test Driven Development style and the server will reduce load on downstream systems by caching results from market data servers, perfoming trade enrichment only when data changes.

WallStreet Money Markets and custom FX systems

Len is back working with the Commerzbank Bonds and Money Markets teams in London helping them with their transition from WallStreet Money Markets software to some custom FX trading software written in C++ and running as an ActiveX control.

Real-time fixed income position server development

Len's working with Barclays Capital to develop a real-time fixed income position server for them. The system integrates into the COM infrastructure, is written in C++, uses Test Driven Development and interface based programming techniques. 

Contract with CSFP

We've secured a long term contract with Credit Suisse Financial Products to work with their OTC Derivatives Settlements systems team in London.