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The Linux port of The Server Framework is going really well and we now have investigated both libuv and epoll back ends. There's still a lot of work to do before this will be something that we're releasing generally but the client's that are working with us on this are really excited by how well it's going.

The massively modernised, and far in the future 7.0 release of The Server Framework will include the Linux changes and our 6.9.2 maintenance release is due for release in Q2; it's been a while since we last had a release but there have been no bugs reported and so there's not really much to release as most of the effort is going into the stuff that will eventually become the 7.0 release.

Our work with the large American postal company that will remain nameless is about to go into an extended pilot phase and we're working on last minute adjustments so that the new system plays nicely with the existing system that it will eventually be replacing.

The work with our Industrial Control Client in Germany is going really well. Phase 1 is complete and we've replaced the networking layer in one of their key pieces of software and refactored away the accumulated cruft from 30 years of maintenance. We have a shiny new testing system that we've written to help us compare the old message flow to the new message flow to ensure that we haven't changed anything that we shouldn't. This intercepts the network traffic and deblocks the messages for given test scenarios and then compares to the previous version of the code. Great for hassle free regression testing.

In summary, we're very busy doing what we love to do!

Busy, busy, busy...

We're going to be really busy for the rest of the year as we've just won a large contract with our Industrial Control Client in Germany. We'll be working on the systems that we've worked on for them before, adding new functionality and integrating The Server Framework into some applications that we haven't worked on before.

The Linux port of The Server Framework is going really well and we now have a server and client system running on Linux using our custom reliable UDP network layer. This integrates with the .Net Core integration we've been doing for the same client. The Linux work will definitely make its way into the main framework at some point; do get in touch if you're interested in this.
We're currently working on a proof of concept Linux port of one of our more complex server systems for a client. This is interesting stuff and surprisingly easy. Most of our framework code ported pretty quickly and now runs nicely on a test Ubuntu 16.04 box as well as on Windows. We're using CLion and CMake on Linux and this has provided a surprisingly familiar environment to work in. It's very early days but things look good and I expect we'll eventually do this work again properly and roll it out as part of The Server Framework. That's a long way off at present though.

We're also playing with .NET Core. The hosting story here isn't quite as neat as with normal CLR hosting but it's possible and this work meshes nicely with the Linux work.

We've just finished a nice new development of server software for a large American postal company that will remain nameless. This system deals with managing mail sorting hardware across America.

The WebRTC work rolls on and we're looking at doing a version in Go as a reference implementation before doing a C++ version for The Server Framework.

And finally, as always, we've also been working on several new releases of The Server Framework, a 6.9.2 maintenance release and continuing work on what could become massively modernised 7.0 release (which, of course, keeps slipping).

Eonic Gaming - Turf Battles Triumphus - Server development

We're pleased to be working with Eonic Gaming in the development of the server for their Turf Battles Triumphus 3D MMORPG.

Eonic have selected us to replace their existing networking code with The Server Framework to improve the stability and performance of their server.
We're pleased to be extending the M2M server that we developed for this client back in February last year.

They're adding lots of interesting new functionality. Should be fun!

Happy New Year!

2014 already. Where does the time go?

We're still very busy with work for our Industrial Control Client but since they needed to get us SC level security clearance for this project if we told you any more we'd have to kill you...

Our work for online gaming clients is diversifying a bit as the project we've been working on for our secretive Online Gaming Company matures into a solid cloud-based SAS gaming server and we start to work more with the recent influx of Korean games companies that are now using The Server Framework.

All of our clients are always great for driving changes into The Server Framework and now that we have the big release from 2013 bedded in we're expecting to put out several smaller releases this year. The focus is still on adding functionality and improving performance so that it's easier than ever to build high performance clients and servers.

And, of course, we're still very interested in getting involved with new client projects and building even more high performance server systems.

Fixed price M2M server development for a Security company

We are building a server for a security company who would prefer to remain nameless. The server will manage communication for networks of tens of thousands of smart alarm panels using The Server Framework. In addition to the M2M communication aspect, the server also manages the management control connections that are used to send data to and from the devices.

More of the same in 2013!

Once again the new year has started with us very busy with work for our Industrial Control Client but since they needed to get us SC level security clearance for this project if we told you any more we'd have to kill you...

We're also looking forward to doing lots more work with our secretive Online Gaming Company. Their cloud-based SAS gaming server is doing well for them and their clients and we're continuing to be closely involved with the ongoing development.

These clients are great for driving changes into The Server Framework and we have a big new release due this year with lots of performance enhancing changes so that The Server Framework works even better on large multi-processor systems; this release brings together lots of small optimisations which, when put together, massively reduce context switches, contention and CPU usage within the framework.

Of course, we're still very interested in getting involved with new client projects and building even more high performance server systems.

Watch this space and Happy New Year!

Consultancy position with HTI Labs

We've been retained by HTI Labs to provide ongoing technical consultancy, mentoring, and assistance for their consultants.

Happy New Year

The year has kicked off to a very busy start for us with lots of work from our secretive Online Gaming Company. They're doing a lot of work to enhance the product that we've helped them build so that it can run well in cloud environments for their clients and also form the core of their cloud-based service. Much of our current work for them is to do with server to server communications so that they can build a scalable system that can use resources in the cloud to grow on demand. We've been working with them on aspects of this for some time now and it's all starting to come together nicely. Additionally we've recently added WebSockets support to their server so that they can easily support a new breed of browser based clients.

We're also excited about working more closely with our Industrial Control Client who are sponsoring us for SC level security clearance so that we can get more involved with their systems; if we told you any more we'd have to kill you...

We've had more fixed price work for our Custom Electronics Manufacturer, adding SChannel based SSL support to their server. This server allows thousands of embedded devices to connect to their central servers to upload logs and download firmware.

We've still been too busy to do much work on the LockExplorer website but there's an update to the tools scheduled for the end of the month to include all of the recent changes and fixes that have been applied whilst we've been 'dog fooding' them with our clients and on The Server Framework's build machines.

Finally, we already have several releases planned for The Server Framework this year; watch this space!

Where is the year going...

September already...

We've spent much of the time since the last Company News update working with our super secretive Online Gaming company to make their product even better.

We've also been updating The Server Framework's WebSocket support for a couple of new Server Framework clients and generally improving performance for the 6.5 release of The Server Framework which is due real soon now.

In addition we've launched the LockExplorer website, but, to be honest, we've been too busy with The Server Framework to do all the writing and evangelising that we have planned for the existing LockExplorer tools, let alone finish the more advanced tools. Still, things are starting to calm down a little, so watch this space!
We are building a server for a custom electronics manufacturer who would prefer to remain nameless. The server will manage communication and firmware updates for networks of thousands of smart devices using The Server Framework.
Our Industrial Control Client has engaged us to continue with several pieces of work for them on an ongoing basis.
Once again, our Online Gaming Client has engaged us to continue developing the C++ side of their server system for them on an ongoing basis.

This is to support new functionality and to aggressively improve existing performance.

Fixed-price CLR hosting project

We're working with VEXIS Systems Inc. again to extend the high performance pluggable server platform that we built for them back in 2008 using The Server Framework.

This time around we're adding to the plugin system within the server so that it can host plugins written in .Net managed code. The server now hosts a instance of the CLR, using The Server Framework's CLR Hosting Option, and we have built a managed plugin system that integrates with the existing unmanaged system so that now they can write their business logic in either unmanaged code or in a managed language such as C#.

Updating ISO8583 servers

PayPoint has engaged us to update the ISO8583 transaction servers that we have built for them over the years to the latest version of The Server Framework.

They're keen to take advantage of the free updates that you get with The Server Framework but don't have anyone in house to apply the diffs and adjust the code.

Consultancy for SSL client development

We're working with GSI Labs to help them build their mobile data call simulator that uses The Server Framework.

Fixed-price server development for ELTAV

We've been engaged to build the initial version of a smart valve monitoring server for Eltav using The Server Framework.

Len will kick start their team's development by putting together a custom server shell which deals with the basics of their requirements and will introduce their developers to The Server Framework's code.
Our Online Gaming Client has engaged us to continue developing the C++ side of their server system for them on an ongoing basis.

This is to support new functionality and to aggressively improve existing performance.
We're building another ISO-8583 transaction server for PayPoint using The Server Framework.

New fixed-price development project

We're working with VEXIS Systems Inc. to build a high performance TCP/IP server system using The Server Framework. The server provides a vendor neutral, scalable, high performance client/server framework for event monitoring, data aggregation, and backend system integration for the telephony industry.

The server provides a pluggable framework allowing each "plugin" DLL to manage its own resources with respect to various backend systems and call center equipment.
We're building an Excel Addin (XLL) for Lloyds TSB which allows further addin functionality to be written as managed code (e.g. in C#).

This project is being run on a "time and materials" basis from our Guildford office and we've negotiated to keep the IP rights of the underlying managed XLL shell for possible later resale or use in a product.

Reliable UDP for the Online Gaming industry

We've been engaged by an Online Gaming Company that is using The Server Framework to refactor and redesign their reliable UDP implementation, based on ENet, so that it's more efficient and performs better with the asynchronous design of The Server Framework.

In addition they want us to build them a custom CLR Hosting solution within their server so that their games can be written in managed code but the networking layer can leverage the power of C++ for their reliable UDP layer.

More fixed-price design and development

We're engaged in ongoing work with our Industrial Control Client.

Refactoring and redesigning the TCP connectivity layer of their industrial device control system and refactoring and multi-threading a DDE connectivity component.

Len is also designing and developing a high performance data acquisition system that connects as a client to their monitoring server and streams data to a SQL Server database for later analysis.

Summit Bonds and Money Markets

Len is back working with the Commerzbank Bonds and Money Markets teams in London with their Excel addins, C++ CORBA system and Java servers.

Len originally created much of this for them back in 2001 and is back to help guide the team in adding some new functionality.

Fixed-price UDP development for VOIP company

We've been engaged to extend The Server Framework so that it fully supports UDP and to provide example servers for this International VOIP Company.

Fixed-price ISO8583 server development

We're working with PayPoint again to build them another ISO8583 transaction processing server using The Server Framework.

We're working with Car-Tech Auction Inc.

We're building a high performance TCP/IP auction server system for their web based car auctions using The Server Framework.

New contract with Commerzbank London

We're happy to be helping Commerzbank in London with their FX trading system again.

Due to staff turnover Len's back, part time, to help mentor the new team members and help with bug fixing and testing.

Part time contract with Credit Suisse First Boston

Len is working with CSFB's HYDRA team to design and develop a trade events server for them in C++ on Windows.

The whole development is being developed in a Test Driven Development style and the server will reduce load on downstream systems by caching results from market data servers, perfoming trade enrichment only when data changes.

Fixed-price server development

We're producing a custom application server shell, using The Server Framework, for the Traveltainment AG. web team.

Fixed-price secure server development

We're working with BS&A Software again to extend the SSL gateway server that we developed for them back in 2003.

WallStreet Money Markets and custom FX systems

Len is back working with the Commerzbank Bonds and Money Markets teams in London helping them with their transition from WallStreet Money Markets software to some custom FX trading software written in C++ and running as an ActiveX control.

Fixed price SSL server development

We're developing a secure gateway server for BS&A Software's ASP.Net developers using OpenSSL and The Server Framework.

Real-time fixed income position server development

Len's working with Barclays Capital to develop a real-time fixed income position server for them. The system integrates into the COM infrastructure, is written in C++, uses Test Driven Development and interface based programming techniques. 

Fixed-price development work for PayPoint

We've been engaged by PayPoint to look into refactoring and improving some of their existing C++ systems.

We're also developing a new ISO-8583 transaction server for them using The Server Framework

Contract with Commerzbank

We have secured a contract with Commerzbank to work with their Summit Bonds IT department to help them provide data from their Summit system to their users via Microsoft Excel (using XLL addins written in C++) with backend servers in C++ using OmniORB and Java using JacORB. 

Contract with CSFP

We've secured a long term contract with Credit Suisse Financial Products to work with their OTC Derivatives Settlements systems team in London.