To get a feel for how we work, think and develop software Len has several blogs which he uses for various subjects.

  • - contains articles on C++ development, testing and Len's general attitude to development.

  • - contains information about our super scalable, high performance, TCP/UDP client/server framework.

  • - contains information about our lock inversion detector and multi-threading performance tools.

  • - contains details of Len's hobby project of embedded assembly language programming.
By reading through some of the articles on these blogs you'll be able to get to know how Len thinks and how we as a company approach software development.

Latest News

Things have been busy!
We've been busy with lots of custom development work over the last few months. Working with Eonic Gaming on…
New IoT fixed-price development project
We're pleased to be working with one of our secretive security company clients again to provide a custom video…
Eonic Gaming - Turf Battles Triumphus - Server development
We're pleased to be working with Eonic Gaming in the development of the server for their Turf Battles Triumphus…
New fixed-price development project
We're pleased to be working with VEXIS Systems Inc. again to extend the high performance pluggable server platform that…
More fixed price M2M server development for our secretive security company client
We're pleased to be extending the M2M server that we developed for this client back in February last year.…